Yearly Archives: 2017

A Choired Afternoon

The multi-choir concert at St Thomas in Stittsville was a great success! Sixteen Harmony Singers participated and had a fabulous time.   When all the choirs sang together, they really rocked the church 🙂

Silly is ok too ;-)

This guy show that just about anything can be used as a musical instrument.


And if you find a piggy pan flute too ordinary, watch him play on a chair. No, not just sitting on one, but playing on one too!

Learn how to sing the right way 2

Did you know that Pat Brush, our director, is also a voice teacher? We’re very lucky to have her! “I help the student find the natural production of their voice that is sustainable throughout their life”, says Pat. She learned the “natural” method of singing from a teacher who was […]

Don’t open your mouth

We’re often told to open our mouth to sing, but some talented people don’t need that to be able to project their voice.  This young girl is amazing!