Fall 2019 program

See also the program for A Choired Afternoon

Piano versions


Sung versions

No. YouTube example Voices
1 Side By Side (with metronome) S A T B
2 Down By the Riverside S A T
3 It Ain’t Gonna Rain No More S A T
4 Jeepers Creepers S A T
5 Rainy Day People S A T
6 Vive la Canadienne pronunciation
7 The Merry Bells of London Town
8 You’re the Cream in my Coffee unisson
9 K-K-K-Kathy
10 That Doggie in the Window
11 Winter Wonderland S A T B
12 Christmas is Near S A1 A2 TB
13 Horsham Tipteerer’s Carol S A TB
14 The Christmas Tree S A T
15 Nuttin’ For Christmas S A T
16 Infant Holy Infant Lowly
17 There Comes a Vessel Laden S A T B
18 The Holly and the Ivy
19 Up on the Housetop S A T B
20 May God's Sheltering Wings